To sum up, our assessment of the ways in which you would expect dealerships to add value suggests that there no pressing case to be made for protecting car dealerships from market forces. In the same way as when travel agents were disintermediated by websites and direct sales, the quintessential auto dealership may now be counting its last days, only creating more inefficiencies in the supply chain than the value it provides.

The Fight Over Tesla Shows How Little Value Dealerships Add

Add value or get the fuck out of the way.


Found at my grandparents’ house: a 1910 article on Tesla’s latest work — to create artificial 24hr sunlight, the world over!

“He proposes to create an artificial aurora borealis which will diffuse light over miles and miles of the earth’s surface, converting night into day and ending the age-long alternation between sunshine and shadow.”

I think Edison may have won this round by powering cities and office buildings — about as close to perpetual light as we can tolerate.

What a find. Wow.