So it may be time to consider the possibility that young people who behave as if privacy doesn’t exist are actually the sane people, not the insane ones. For someone like me, who grew up sealing my diary with a literal lock, this may be tough to accept. But under current circumstances, a defiant belief in holding things close to your chest might not be high-minded. It might be an artifact—quaint and naïve, like a determined faith that virginity keeps ladies pure. Or at least that might be true for someone who has grown up “putting themselves out there” and found that the benefits of being transparent make the risks worth it.



Album Club #24: Tim

Members present: William A. Rawls, Swedish Oxers, Cuban Pete, Plan B, Charlie Face, Consigliere, Crackity Jones, Miss Mistoffeles

Favorite songs: “Swingin’ Party”, “Bastards of Young”

Discussed:  Transition album, between band’s earlier, more punk sound and later commercial incarnation; group known to most AC members by name but few knew the music, to which all members responded positively; Paul Westerberg’s original vocal style — not perfect sounding, but distinctive and varied; Westerberg as the obvious, most talented member of the band (although Tommy Stinson became Guns N’ Roses’ bassist); Westerberg’s juggling act of trying to please the other member’s different musical tastes; melodic beauty combined with lyrical darkness; band’s notorious track record in live concerts — brilliant or awful; band’s tendency to shoot itself in the foot when big success came calling; memorable “SNL” performance; welcome rockabilly sound in some songs; very American quality to band’s sound; “Here Comes A Regular” as a great album closing song

Next album, courtesy of William A. Rawls:  Either/Or, Elliot Smith (1997)

What a mess by mmr421

Great pick!