I was just thinking about getting a tattoo of the typewriter cockroach thing from this film.


“It almost doesn’t make sense, how good that movie is, but then whatever it’s just so good.”

“It’s like the Batman Forever of William S. Burroughs adaptations.”


Loving this album.


ANR ‘Stay Kids video’ as premiered over on the Guardian:

Florida-based ANR (or Awesome New Republic as they used to be known), are Brian Robertson and Michael-John Hancock, a duo who have somehow been compared to both Red Hot Chili Peppers and MGMT. Their debut album, also called Stay Kids, was released in March and they’re currently on a brief UK tour before, we imagine, playing a lot of summer festivals – perfect for their slow-building, but ultimately anthemic, sunshine pop. In the video for Stay Kids – a Guardian exclusive – the pair are joined by a bunch of cute-as-a-button kids who are given free rein, bashing at Moog synths, cymbals and then a monster-shaped piñata, while balloons and streamers dance. It’s the perfect visual representation for a song that, like children of a certain age, seems to flit between hushed calm and fevered panic in just four minutes