I’ve watched this video twice and I’m pretty impressed. I’m not sure I’ll be getting a Windows phone anytime soon, but the UI is pretty slick.



Windows Phone is the future of user interface (I’m serious).

I don’t know about it being the future but this is the kind of UI innovation that has been missing from the Windows desktop OS. Mangos are delicious.



Simon Parker’s London Cycle Map

I’m having another of those moments where I feel like I’m the only person in the world who dislikes something. (To be clear: I dislike this map.)

I’ve cycled in London. Not as much as some people, but for a year or two that was how I commuted, three to five times a week. I also did a few longer rides, and got to try the hire scheme before I moved away. I want to see there be more cycling in London.

The problem is that this map doesn’t make it any easier. Instead, it abstracts away some complexity you need to understand (how to deal with one way systems, for example) and replaces it with other complexity which you don’t (what is R1 and how is it different from R1a?)

Remember, the Tube map can make compromises with geography because it is disconnected from the surface geography except at stations. By contrast, cyclists have to share the same messy, often medieval, street plan as everything else on the ground, and this map won’t show enough to let them do it. I’d much rather have the TfL/LCC cycling maps, large as they are, because they actually work. (I know. I used them.)

On the other hand, perhaps everyone is liking and reblogging this because it’s colourful and pretty. Call it a nice artwork if you like, but I don’t think it’s good design.



Lucky Lucky – a yvynyl mixtape

In the last couple months since I’ve posted a mix I have heard a metric ton of amazing songs. My ‘potentials’ playlist was getting super bloated and in the rush and tumble of life, I had to force myself to trim down to just a couple gems. That’s hard to do. But you know that feeling you get after a good spring cleaning? Yeah, like that.

And as for luck – here’s to hoping these songs will bring you some! Lord knows they’ve been the soundtrack of the luckiest stretch of my life.

Original artwork by Jesse Draxler who is also here on Tumblr. Used with permission.

Please support these artists, they deserve it! Buy their music, and go to their shows.


  1. The Neighborhood – I Won’t Get You Down
  2. The Weeknd – House of Balloons > Glass Table Girls
  3. Joywave – Winnipeg
  4. Black Books – The Big Idea
  5. Snowmine – Beast in Air, Beast in Water
  6. Family Portrait – Other Side
  7. Triptides – Shadows
  8. Jeremy Lee Given – Arapaima
  9. Eternal Summers – Prisoner
  10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Thought Ballune
  11. Slowdance – Sweetness
  12. Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover
  13. COOLRUNNINGS – Dracula is only the Beginning
  14. John Maus – Believer
  15. Collage Party – Eri
  16. The Sandwitches – Summer of Love
  17. Quilt – Children of the Light
  18. Lotus Feet – Evidence
  19. Big Wave Riders – Skater or Die
  20. BeachesBeaches – OOAH
  21. Die Jungen – In the End
  22. The Dogs – We Don’t Have to do Anything

Download directly here: http://bit.ly/lzM47W

Stream it here: http://8tracks.com/yvynyl

After downloading the mix folder, please create a new playlist in iTunes and then click and drag the folder to import, thereby maintaining track order.

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